Lynn grew up in Port Chester, New York and pursued her passion, acting, at Northwestern University, receiving a B.SC and MA. She continued her studies in Dublin and subsequently married and lived for a time in Canada.

In the mid seventies, as a single parent with two young children, she astounded friends and family by picking up stakes and moving to Lanarkshire in Scotland, becoming the first Principal Teacher in Drama in the county. It was here that Lynn started to write, first for BBC Schools Radio, and later, plays for her students.

There was no looking back!

After a terrific and challenging five years at Airdrie Academy she took on a new course at Kirkcaldy College of Technology (now Fife College), a performance course, the first of its kind on Scotland. With her colleague Andy Mackie, she built a reputation for extraordinary work which resulted in a series of enviable reviews and major features in such formidable publications as The Observer, The Guardian, The Herald, and the Times Educational Supplement. A key player for many years in the Scottish Student Drama Festival, Kirkcaldy shows (often new plays) were hugely successful and as they toured to venues in Glasgow, Dundee, St Andrews and Edinburgh, word spread far beyond the College.

Writing continued, now for professional companies. In her ‘spare time’ Lynn was much in demand as the American accent/dialect coach for The Royal Lyceum Theatre, Dundee Rep, The Byre Theatre, Pitlochry Festival Theatre and for other companies. Due to her facility with a wide variety of accents, she found time to return to acting for BBC Radio. In the early 90’s she co-founded Stellar Quines Theatre Company, still one of Scotland’s most highly regarded touring companies.

In 1990 Lynn became Head of Acting at Queen Margaret University College, gaining accreditation from the National Council For Drama Training, directing dozens of productions, nurturing and challenging hundreds of students. She became an active member of the National Council for Drama Training and the Conference of Drama schools.

During her time at Queen Margaret, as at Fife College, Lynn worked tirelessly to encourage and facilitate work of the highest standard. For many, the name. Lynn Bains was virtually synonymous with the Acting Course at QM, until September 2005 when she decided it was time to leave full time teaching to fully pursue old and new passions as a free lancer.