The foremost American accent/dialect coach in Scotland, Lynn is one of those rare people who can actually practice what she teaches.  She can not only work effectively with actors to reach their full potential in the American accent required, but is equally at home behind a mic doing a range of American accents:  as a voice over, for arts programmes, for books, or for radio dramas.

“It isn’t about pronunciation or even ‘accuracy.’ It’s about savouring each word, finding and working the muscles that make the word authentic, sinking into the language, the place, the time and the character with joy.”

“Accent is not a glitzy costume, it’s a well worn old shirt.”


THE LITTLE FOXES, Pitlochry Festival Theatre


“One of the most gratifying aspects of this production is the effort that has gone into making the intonations and accents of the American deep south, Certainly credit is due to Lynn Bains for expert coaching.”



“Significantly, the accent coaching, (by the redoubtable Lynn Bains) has been excellent and there are precious few slips from the cast.”


Keith Bruce THE HERALD