“Nae Problem” 7:84 Scotland

“If we’re going to have Scotland’s natural radicalism expressed in the theatre – and I’m all for it –then let it speak with such temperate verve and in such measured tones as this seamless collaboration between the author and the inspired contribution of the director David Hayman and his committed cast. This is theatre that doesn’t just talk about what it’s against, it sticks it up our noses, and stuns us into such silence at the end that even the applause when it comes is muted by guilt and shame.”

W. Gordon Smith THE OBSERVER

David Hayman’s production of “Nae Problem” for 7:84 Scotland. Dougie Henshall as The Fascist

“Bains writes with fluidity and assurance, using a broad range of style and language. Semi-poetic montage replaces naturalism before gliding swiftly into soliloquy and back to stylised expression…theatrical truth and a fully rounded humanitarian voice.”

Mark Fisher THE LIST

“…raises the question of racism in Scotland with disturbing intensity…a show that is a tough little classic”

Joyce Macmillan THE SCOTSMAN

“hard-hitting, emotion slugging ordeal.”


Pat Mackie in Wildcat production of “Cleaning Up

Fife College (Head of Acting)

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  • A Few From the Fridge at The Tron Theatre and The Traverse Theatre

7:84 (Scotland)

  • Nae Problem directed by David Hayman, Scottish Tour

Wildcat Stage Productions

  • Cleaning Up with Andy Mackie, Scottish Tour

Elaine C Smith

  • Getting Past It The Third Eye Centre, The Tron Theatre, Glasgow

BBC School Radio

  • Am I What I Wear (published)
  • I want to be Different (published)